12 Types Of Hugs Every Girl Craves From Her Boyfriend


Girls feel a lot safer when their man holds them in his arms. You feel like there is nothing better than him holding you so close. But there are a few types of hugs that every girl wants from her boyfriend.

Here are 12 types of hugs that every girl craves for from her boyfriend!

#1 Hold me tight

This is probably the best kind where you feel like your bone’s crushing. But you still want more.

#2 It’s Cold.

The best thing for you to do when she says she’s cold is open your arms and hug her tight. No hoodie or jacket can match up the warmth she’ll feel when you hug her!

#3 Caterpillars In A Cocoon

This is basically just wrapping the blanket around her and pulling her real close to your chest like she’s some tiny little caterpillar in need for a shelter asap. Her day’s made.

#4 Kiss And Twirl In The Air

It is actually the “oh my god” moment where you feel as if you’re the lead in some cheesy romantic movie, and this is just another thing at shoot.

#5 I Want You

This is the romantic touchy feel good hug which you should definitely give her before getting too mushy mushy. Not only will this count as a foreplay but also give you full access to touching and feel her as close as possible.

#6 Miss You In My Sleep

Even if she’s asleep, she’ll know it’s you, and nothing on earth can feel so good right at that moment.

#7 Can’t Show Too Much Affection Right Now But You’re Still Mine

This is a casual but cute hug which’ll just give her the comfort she needs. It’s a sense of belonging to someone that every girl craves for.

#8 Everything’s Fine Or Will Be Fine

When you had a bad day, all you want is a “Everything’s fine love” hug. So no matter how bad her day has been, if you take her in your warm embrace she’ll forget everything and feel all good.

#9 I Missed You

This one’s my personal favorite, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. It actually makes up for all the lost time and distance and makes all the wait worth it.

#10 Don’t Let Me Go

All you need to do is hold her back and simply wrap your arms around as softly as you can, tighten your grip if she asks you let go.Trust me, she just wants you to hold her closer.

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