Forget Priya, And See Today’s Video Of A Bold & Beautiful Bride’s Moves On Her Wedding


National crush Priya is over now and now see a new trending video that went viral on social media a girl on her own marriage.


Brides are usually supposed be quite graceful and shy on the wedding in India, but gone are the days when they used to look at the ground only and walk damn slowly towards the stage.


Modern era brides believe in enjoying their special day to the fullest and why not, it comes only once in life and if they let it go without any exciting activity like dancing, they might regret for not making the most of it.

In the past too, you may saw some videos in which showed bride entering the venue in an off-beat manner, for instance on a bike.

Here we have a video featuring a bride who is enjoying every moment of her big day by shaking a leg and grooving on popular Bollywood tracks.

Even guests loved how she chose to show her bold side instead of pretending to be shy and danced her heart out.

Have a look on this video…..

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