When Mia Khalifa Shared Her Hangover Pics On Twitter Fans Go Crazy, Look…


We all know who is Mia Khalifa and what is her profession. we all love her and follow her on her on instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat etc.

Sometimes, Mia Khalifa’s pictures are too hard to resist! She doesn’t leave any chance to boost the excitement levels of her fans.

No matter where Mia goes, she never forgets to update the it on social media. Her Twitter handle is filled with her sizzling videos, photos and of course.


Looks as if even Mia is a photo-crazy girl; no matter where she goes, she clicks the picture of her favorite activities and never forget to upload it on social media for er die heart fans.

Once again, Mia has posted 2 brand new pics on Twitter for her fans. This time, they aren’t normal ones but are “Hangover” ones. Mia celebrated her birthday on the 10th of February and she partied hard; she celebrated her special day with wine. have a look

She posed a pic with wine before getting high. Have a look at this pic…

And her fans reactions are just hilarious…. 

Wrong move!

Fluttery one

What her nose…

Ultra Legend

And it keeps on going….

What you think about her

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